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Use Terms of service

1) There are not option to create account and post content but if any users interest to post and related info to our this site then can request us by email and use contact page

2) If you want to create content for this site users you must need to follow these following terms & Conditions

   a) Must be unique never copy paste other information

   b) Article will 500 words minimum and maximum will 3000 words

   c) You should not included any unrelated link within the article which is not help ful for users or not related with topics

   d) You can able to included maximum 2 helpful links between your 500 words article which is really helpful for users

   e) Article must be clear about your major information and pure English without mistake any Grammar

   f) Your post will published after check our moderator and site trusty team may be need time 24 hours to publish

3) You need to comment gently never use any bad words or don't use any words in your comments which is harassment for any users or any website

4) Your IP Addresses will be blocked to visit this site by our safety team if you use vpn to post our information or send us to support msg more then 5 times within 24 hours.