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Elon Musk recently confirmed the launch of Tesla Insurance in California

Tesla Insurance in California Confirmed by Elon MuskElon Musk persists and signs. With the launch of Tesla Insurance announced in early September, Tesla car owners living in California now enjoy insurance 20 to 30% cheaper than current rates.
The future will tell if this offer applies to the European market, but the announcement has already provoked strong reactions.
It all started for Elon Musk by a very simple observation: insurers have a hard time evaluating the risk of Tesla cars. These are indeed high-end electric cars, loaded with advanced technologies that have no real equivalent on the market and therefore no actuarial reference model.
Admittedly on average they are more reliable than others the last quarterly report of the Californian driver shows that the risk of being an accident victim in a Tesla car is statistically 3 to 6.5 times lower than that at which an American driver is normally exposed.
But for insurers, these technological jewels are so sophisticated that the slig…

Most Profitable Richest company in the world

Discover the latest ranking of the richest companies in the world. Chinese and American companies are holding the top positions. In 2017, the combined turnover of the world's 500 richest companies was $ 30 trillion, up from $ 27.7 trillion in 2016. Data from Fortune's latest Global 500 annual survey.
Companies with the highest turnover
In terms of sales and for the fifth year in a row, the American chain of supermarkets Walmart comes in first. The 2nd place remains occupied by the Chinese energy group State Grid. The Chinese oil and chemical group Sinopec keeps its 3rd place.
With six companies in the top 15, the United States remains the most represented nation. But China is also in a strong position. Like a year ago, Chinese companies occupy three of the top five places. The first European company is the Anglo-Dutch oil company Royal Dutch Shell. in 5th position. The first French company is Axa which ranks 27th in the Global 500 with a 2017 turnover of 149.461 billion euros. It…

The best places to invest in real estate abroad in 2019

In today's society, international real estate stands out more than ever among investment options because it is both a difficult asset and one of the best current income generation opportunities while building a real long-term capital.
Spain is a large country with many real estate markets, some more interesting than others. We recommend focusing on the Marbella area. This coastal region is a destination of choice for Spanish tourists. Rentals targeting the local holiday market can yield a net return of more than 8% reliably.
Real estate markets in Portugal have been moving since 2015. Some neighborhoods in the city of Lisbonnes have already achieved excessive prices but some others continue to offer good value for money and opportunities, especially if you are ready for a project. renovation.
The less visited areas of the Algarve coast and the Porto area, north of Lisbon, may be places of great potential.
Portugal has recently been the subject of many articles that charac…

Where is the best Real Estate business facility in Canada?

Many newcomers think of investing in real estate every year when they settle. But is your place of selection for your home really an opportunity for purchase?
For the fifth year in a row, the city of Moncton, New Brunswick, would be the most affordable city in the country, according to a study by the Atlantic Institute of Market Research. In Moncton, the median price is $ 134,900 CAD for a house. This Acadian-populated French-speaking town is closely followed by Fredericton and Saint-Jean, still in the Maritimes, where home prices have also stagnated for many years.

Montreal and Quebec are not the least affordable, but compared to the Vancouver and Toronto markets, Montreal remains a city still accessible to young middle-class families. According to the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards (QFREB), the median price of single-family homes in Quebec is expected to stagnate at $ 234,000 in 2017. In Montreal, in the last quarter of 2016, the median price for all properties combined is $ …