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Trade war China talks with US in October

Despite a new mutual survey China announced Thursday that the United States had agreed to maintain dialogue with the United States, planned "in early October," when the trade war would begin to severely affect their economy. Although bilateral negotiations should have been held in September on an unspecified date and the mere fact which maintaining contact was enough to reassure the market and online trading brokers and more you can. The trade war between China and the United States has been a significant global economic issue, characterized by escalating tariffs and trade barriers imposed by both sides. The roots of this conflict can be traced back to longstanding trade imbalances, intellectual property disputes, and concerns over China's industrial policies and market access. The trade tensions intensified in 2018 when the Trump administration initiated tariffs on billions of dollars' worth of Chinese imports, citing unfair trade practices and intellectual property

Elon Musk recently confirmed the launch of Tesla Insurance in California

Tesla Insurance in California Confirmed by Elon Musk Elon Musk persists and signs. With the launch of Tesla Insurance announced in early September, Tesla car owners living in California now enjoy insurance 20 to 30% cheaper than current rates. The future will tell if this offer applies to the European market, but the announcement has already provoked strong reactions. It all started for Elon Musk by a very simple observation insurers have a hard time evaluating the risk of Tesla cars. These are indeed high-end electric cars, loaded with advanced technologies that have no real equivalent on the market and therefore no actuarial reference model. Admittedly on average they are more reliable than others the last quarterly report of the Californian driver shows that the risk of being an accident victim in a Tesla car is statistically 3 to 6.5 times lower than that at which an American driver is normally exposed. But for insurers, these technological jewels are so sophist

Why Apple is most Richest profitable company

Apple remains the most profitable company in the world Good news for Tim Cook and Apple fans in general. Apple has been crowned for the second time according to famous magazine Fortune and the most profitable company in the world! Why is Apple leading in this prestigious ranking? Apple brand fans can rest assured! Apple is still the most profitable company in the world. Recently, we thought the California firm was thrilled for its ever-competing, Korean maker Samsung which made $ 2 billion more than Apple in 20 years. Yet according to the famous Fortune Magazine reputable companies offering the most exciting top 500 every year, Apple is always good to remember! King of Apple Profit For the second consecutive year Apple is the most profitable company on the planet! Apple at the top of this ranking is the huge proportion that exists between its revenue and its profits. In short, Apple is the most profitable company because it makes significant gains over $ 3 billion last year!

The best places to invest in real estate abroad in 2019

The real estate business is often regarded as a lucrative and stable industry for several reasons.  Here's a breakdown of why real estate can be a good investment: 1.Tangible Asset: Real estate investments offer tangible assets, meaning you have physical property that holds inherent value. Unlike stocks or bonds, which can be more abstract, owning property provides a sense of security as it's something you can see and touch. 2. Appreciation: Historically, real estate tends to appreciate over time, meaning the value of the property increases. While there can be fluctuations in the market, especially in the short term, real estate has shown long-term appreciation in many markets. 3. Income Generation: Real estate can provide a steady income stream through rental payments. Whether it's residential or commercial property, renting out space allows investors to earn regular cash flow, which can be particularly advantageous for funding retirement or other expenses. 4. Tax Benefits

Canada Real Estate Market

It's quiet good profitable The Canadian housing market has been slowed down considerably over the past year a fact that the industry attributes to a difficult stress test for mortgages and rising interest rates. This has an impact on the general economy. Canada's GDP slowed down at an annualized 0.4% over the period of 7.5% over the period. Real estate markets from New York to China are slowing as well as growing up. There, the real estate market is in correction mode, with prices in Sydney and Melbourne falling at their fastest pace in decades. Experts have recently warned that the country may be experiencing its worst housing retreat in 130 years. So far, at least, there is no such hard prognosis for Canadian real estate markets. But we are breaking records for decades now, suggesting more than a short readjustment to new mortgage policies. Here are four beaten records that suggest we have reached a real turning point in Canadian real estate. Canada's real estate market h