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The History of nice McCandless Township

 Gibsonia Pennsylvania is located in Allegheny County and near the township of McCandless. When McCandless was settled by James Duff in 1796, he purchased 400 acres. This was a beginning for farming in this area.

 Gibsonia Pennsylvania as well as McCandless are located in the southwestern part of the state. Allegheny county is in the center of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area The first formation of a government was discussed in 1849.

The meetings were led by Daniel Vogel and in 1851 a township was officially founded. The original name of this township was Taylor. The incorporation came in 1857 and this was when the township was renamed. District Judge Wilson McCandless was the namesake and at that time the population was 1,482.

Gibsonia Pennsylvania is actually in two counties, Allegheny and Butler. Counties and as other areas of the state, such as McCandless were served by a railroad line that led in and out of Pittsburgh. However, the line closed in 1931 and this mode of transportation was replaced by buses.

In addition, the area is known for North Park, which was founded in 1927. This is 1600 acres of park that is located within the township of McCandless but enjoyed by residents of Gibsonia Pennsylvania as well. With the expansion of the population, the varied development within this area has grown immensely.

McKnight Road, built in the 1950s, became the primary link to the northern suburban areas of the state. Within the McCandless section of this road is where there are some retail and offices, but the undeveloped property has great potential for a “signature” Town center. The area is being considered for housing, retail, entertainment and office space and would be a boon to the Gibsonia Pennsylvania and McCandless townships.