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Dearm home promised by pittsburghpa Real estate


Their promised to get best home

We will schedule with you a “face to face” meeting to review and understand our expectations of each other during the Buying process.

If we are to help you find your dream home we need to know your “Needs and Wants”.  By meeting with you and listening, we gain an understanding of what you NEED in your next home.  Understanding what you WANT in your next home is just as important, perhaps more so.  What is the floor plan you like, what can’t I live without?  

The most important thing we do is to match your “Needs and Wants” with the homes that are available in the areas that are of interest to you.

Find your “Dream” Home

We will qualify and assist you, the Buyer, in looking for homes in “your” price range, that you will feel comfortable in purchasing.
We will share with you the TWO guidelines you need to know to determine what you can afford.

Buying Process Misconceptions
We will explain the “Misconceptions” of the Buying Process. This will include why working with “One” Realtor is better than several.
We will share with you the BIGGEST mistakes buyers can make.

Buyer Pre-Approval

We will help you understand why a Buyer should be pre-approved before they begin their home search.

What is a “Perfect” Home?

What is a Buyer’s preconceived idea of their “perfect” home… does exist?

Negotiating an Offer

We will explain the process of negotiating an offer.  A Buyer must demonstrate that they are serious.  Sellers will only negotiate with a committed Buyer.

We’ll help you understand how to determine the Seller’s motivation!  This plays a large part in the negotiation process.

We’ll be Here for You, Every Step of the Way!

Our services will guide you through a detail explanation of the Buying process, the market and the best homes available to you.

We will position you favorability during ALL negotiations.
We will be there for you before, during and after the deal is closed to insure that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed and that you are 100% satisfied.