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Successful ideas for lead generation in the real estate industry

What is a real estate lead and how to capture it?

As soon as you are interested in the issues of web marketing, Inbound, content and other strategies and marketing methods, the word "lead" comes back without stopping. In the blog articles you read. In the mouth of the representative of the digital agency and ideas for lead generation with which you are in contact.

But what is a lead? And a real estate lead, what's more?

The term is anchored in the world of webmarketing. We speak of lead to designate a prospect, that is to say a commercial contact who is likely to become a customer but who, in fact, has not yet moved to the act of purchase. In other words, it is a near synonym of "prospect" designating a potential customer.

A real estate lead is therefore a prospect representing a commercial track, and potentially a prospect that you have "led to you" for example as part of an Inbound real estate strategy. This real estate lead comes from many different sources whether it's a contact form on your website or a response to an email you sent.

You better understand, now, why are we talking about "real estate lead"?

However, definitions and explanations are not enough. What is important to understand today is that lead capture is not a small "plus" that you can choose to add to your strategy or not. The lead is an integral part of your job.

Real estate agent 

This is something you did not learn during your training. No one has told you to change your LinkedIn profile to put "Real Estate Agent and Lead Generator Quality with ClickFunnels vs Zipify!"and yet you should think about it.

They are so essential these leads. We are talking primarily about sales leads, those who sign sales orders and allow you to have catalog goods to offer to your buyers. Buying leads come to you from ad portals and ads on your own website.

Ensure the sustainability of your business with the real estate lead
To fully understand how lead generation works you need to consider the sustainability of your business model without the shape of a pyramid.

If this pyramid is not always in motion, your business slows down. Instead of finding yourself regularly with a stock of empty mandates to renew, the best is still to implement a sustainable strategy to capture real estate lead continuously to ensure the functioning of your business.