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Why Apple is most Richest profitable company

 Apple remains the most profitable company in the world

Good news for Tim Cook and Apple fans in general. Apple has been crowned for the second time according to famous magazine Fortune and the most profitable company in the world!

 Why is Apple leading in this prestigious ranking?

Apple brand fans can rest assured! Apple is still the most profitable company in the world. Recently, we thought the California firm was thrilled for its ever-competing, Korean maker Samsung which made $ 2 billion more than Apple in 20 years. Yet according to the famous Fortune Magazine reputable companies offering the most exciting top 500 every year, Apple is always good to remember!

King of Apple Profit

For the second consecutive year Apple is the most profitable company on the planet! Apple at the top of this ranking is the huge proportion that exists between its revenue and its profits. In short, Apple is the most profitable company because it makes significant gains over $ 3 billion last year!

If we consider its turnover, Apple ranks ninth with $ 215.6 billion in top ten international companies and Apple firm with Volkswagen, Toyota and Walmart at $ 485 billion! Apple does not do very poorly in terms of revenue. The company ranks third in the top three "Fortune 500" limited to US companies and is playing side by side with brands such as Wal Mart and Berkshire Hathaway.

Despite decreasing profits by 14% year over year, Fortune Magazine reminds that Apple is the largest market-capitalized company with over $ 700 dollars in stock market valuations! This is a real record for the brand.

In concrete terms, how much cash is in the hands of the company? The sum can make you agile: $ 250 billion! $ 3.6 million an hour is rich.