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World Business effect by China USA Economic war

US trade war with China has gained new dimensions. US President Donald Trump is going to put a second round of tension on the two sides. He can sign an executive order this week.

US companies With China

The order is being issued to prevent US companies from purchasing telecommunications equipment that is at risk of creating threats to national security.

This step will facilitate trade restrictions on China-based telecommunications equipment maker Huawei. It will notice by the US that the mobile phone going to very cheap in market and mobi telecommunication pricier in Germany market and other countries phone market also. 

Huawei has expressed interest 

Trump is preparing to sign an executive order when Huawei has expressed interest to sign a 'no-spy' agreement to reassure all countries. News Reuters and Tech Crunch There are more country are banned Nigerian news also publish to alert that resell dealer.

Sign by Donald Trump

The executive order to sign the Donald Trump the US country or company name in the risky position is not specifically mentioned. Thinking about issuing executive orders for more than a year, But it has been repeatedly delayed. Quoting multiple sources, Reuters said the process of issuing the order can be delayed again. People can find more result and notice is time to time with world market and trade which related with US and china.

The Executive Order specifies the issue of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. Under the law, the president is given the power to control the trade at an urgent moment that will threaten the United States.

According to the sources, the work order will be issued to the Ministry of Commerce and work with different government agencies will be implemented.

The executive order is going to come into effect at a time when the tariff war has reached the peak of the world's largest two economies. The war was first started by the United States by describing China's trade policy as an out of state.

Chinese government's spying

The United States is taking several steps against the company from the idea that the smartphone maker could be used in the Chinese government's spying equipment made by the world's third largest company Huawei Technologies.

Although Huawei has repeatedly denied the allegation. After the executive order came into effect, Huawei's business route with US companies will officially be closed. Although no comment was made by Huawei, the White House and the Ministry of Commerce regarding the Reuters report.

USA is not using Huawei made parts right now besides, the allies are pressing the company to stay away from the company.

The United States has named Huawei's equipment for the next generation of Fiji network as "untrustworthy". In August, Trump signed a bill on government work, prohibiting the use of Chinese companies, including Huawei, ZTE. In January, US prosecutors filed a charge of stealing secrets of T-Mobile US corporation business against two branches of Huawei in Washington.

A case was also filed against Huawei and the chief financial officer for violation of Iran's sanctions.

When the United States is spreading concerns about Huawei, the company has expressed its willingness to sign a 'no-spy' agreement with several countries including Britain to reassure all. Recently the Chairman of Huawei said this to the reporters.

Huawei's chairman in London said, "We are interested in signing a 'no-spy' agreement with several countries including the United Kingdom. We will make an agreement to make sure that the parts we manufacture are not intended for any spying.

Meanwhile, Britain has taken more time to decide whether Huawei made parts will be used in their fifth infrastructure. A British government spokeswoman said that security and stability in the UK's telecommunications network is very important.