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Why Households Insurance important in the world?

Households Insurance in the world

More than 20% of households in the world have legal protection insurance.

Why not you?

Everyday you can be confronted with a conflict situation in many areas.

Examples are not lacking to illustrate the different situations that can complicate your daily life:

Your internet service provider does not fulfill its obligations
Social security refuses to grant you a disability pension
You are in conflict with your neighbor for noise
You dispute the charges of co-ownership
You need to sure defending your interests with its legal protection guarantees.

 How do we intervene to support you?

Legal Protection Insurance will help you manage the situation by agreeing with you what to do with your file depending on the context by intervening directly with your opponent, if necessary using the advice of an expert at no cost to you, in order to reach an amicable solution by paying up to a certain amount the expenses incurred to defend yourself before the Court.

By subscribing a legal protection guarantee, you benefit from the expertise of lawyers to:

To inform you about your rights and the means to defend yourself,
help you to find an amicable solution to your guaranteed dispute with assumption of the necessary expenses accompany you throughout the trial if necessary, with support for the costs of proceedings in terms of legal protection offers a solution adapted to your needs.
You can benefit from our optional family legal protection of the housing contract in the following areas


Refusal of your owner to make the necessary repairs in your home
Dispute of the expenses of co-ownership
Conflict with your neighbor on servitude of passage


Dispute with your local ISP
Delivery problem or lack of conformity of an order
Hidden defect affecting a household appliance
Abnormal bill of water or electricity


Medical error, defective dental prosthesis, nosocomial infection

Social protection

Failure to refund the Social Security or your mutual,
Error in calculating your pension rights and many more such as: taxation, buying or selling real estate, disabilities.