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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

12 Simple Home Decorations you must need

Having a small house doesn't mean you can't create a comfortable atmosphere and even make it look bigger.

 Previously, you need to know that a comfortable house does not always have to be filled with a lot of supporting furniture or decorations that are expensive, but simple home decorations. Yes, you only need to choose a simple home decor that is able to create the illusion of an eye and efficient place.

Still confused with simple home decorations that can create eye illusions and be efficient? Come on, see the list of simple home decorations that you have to have the following best offerings!

1. Bright colored walls

Simple home decor in the form of bright wall colors can create a comfortable atmosphere and a bigger room effect. The right colors to decorate a small house wall are white, beige, or light blue.

If you have trouble changing the color of the wall, try hanging a wall decoration or medium-sized painting that has bright colors on the most spacious walls as a simple home decoration.

2. See-through tables and chairs as simple home decorations

Even though it is transparent and looks fragile, in reality this acrylic material is strong enough to hold the weight above it.

This transparent table and chair will create a tiny room that looks bigger than the actual size because you can see the objects behind the table and chair.

3. Display the mirror

Talk about home, simple home decor and the easiest to use is a mirror. Mirrors in any size and shape can create a small space that looks bigger up to 2 times. How to put a mirror in a tiny room is very easy. You can hang it on the wall or put it on a display table as long as the location is not easily accessible for children to avoid accidents.

In order to look harmonious with the interior of the room, choose a mirror with a frame that matches the color and shape according to the style of the room. This simple home decoration can be found easily in shopping centers or online stores, such as decoration.

4. Use small furniture

Avoid using large furniture for simple home decor in the house, especially a small house, even though you really like the design. Furniture that is too large in the house will definitely make the house feel crowded and full.

We recommend that you use small furniture that is tailored to the size of the room. The main key when choosing this furniture is to make sure if the sofa, chair, and coffee table are placed in one room, there is still space left in the middle.

5. Place the simple home decoration

Ottomans are usually present in small or medium size. The function of this ottoman is actually as a footrest or a place to put a glass or magazine in a room. However, the soft surface of the ottoman can also be used as an additional seat.

The Ottoman can also be moved easily to the desired place because of its small size and not excessive weight. Very suitable as a simple home decor for your tiny family room!

6. Apply horizontal lines in simple home decorations

Do you know about the illusion of eyes using lines? Vertical lines can create the impression of a higher room, while horizontal lines can create a wider room impression. Well, for a room that tends to be small, apply a horizontal line motif as a simple home decoration.

This horizontal line motif can be used on the wall. For the color of the line, choose safe colors like black and white.

7. Create simple home decorations by exposing the ceiling of the house

Simple houses usually have low ceilings too. This can make the house feel smaller and narrower so that the residents of the house feel uncomfortable to rest. Decorating the next simple home that you can apply in a small house is exposing the ceiling of the house.

The point is not to leave the top of the house open without a roof, but instead open the ceiling cover and let the supporting poles visible. In this way your little house is guaranteed to feel wider. In addition, with decorations like this, mice will find it difficult to nest in your house. Right, for those of you who are looking for ways to get rid of mice that are safe?

8. Arrange the furniture symmetrically as a form of simple home decor

Arranging furniture in a symmetrical position as a form of simple home decor can make the house look neater, cleaner and more balanced. Furniture that can be arranged in this symmetrical position are chairs, cabinets, lights, and plant pots.

Remember, the furniture does not need to be large but according to the size of the room in the house. Don't forget to adjust furniture design with interior design.

9. Use lights as a simple home decoration to illuminate every corner of the house

Lights are an artificial light source used to illuminate the room so that residents of the house can carry out various activities comfortably. In addition, the lights can also be a simple home decoration. Place the lamp in the right position so that it can illuminate all corners of the room at home. A bright house will make it feel cleaner and more spacious.

10. Choose high open bookshelves

For book lovers, having a bookshelf inside the house is an obligation. For business bookshelves, choose an open rack that is high not wide to the side. Open bookshelves as simple home decorations will create the impression of a more spacious space.

Its high size will be more efficient than a wide shelf to the side. After all, with this open shelf you will find it easier to find a collection of books you want to read.

 11. Hang the curtain as high as possible

When choosing curtains for simple home decor, you not only need to consider the colors and materials but also the position of the steppings. So that the house feels more magnificent and tall, hang the curtain as high as possible so that it creates an illusion. Don't worry if your window is small, because this curtain decoration will hide the window size.

12. Use a large patterned carpet as a simple home decoration

Bored with the look of the house so-so? You can try changing simple home decorations by replacing the carpet. For a small house, choose a carpet with soft colors and large patterns to create the impression of a wider room.

That is a list of simple home decorations that must be owned by Kania's tiny house. What simple home decorations are there in your house? If you are confused about where to find the decor and furniture, you can find the best furniture and decor on decoration!

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