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Friday, November 9, 2018

Crypto market Bitcoin sidways sesonal news

The crypto currency bitcoin marketing going to run with side ways again 

The seasonal bitcoing growing time is November to January actual where it was always performance within these months and bitcoin history also said that 2013 and 2014 followed that history and amazingly 2017 also perfect follow it so 99% people believe that 2018 also will do and they prediction it and hope it strongly .

Few months ago btcoin price showed us littlie bit bull run moment where price will grow 9k in July months but the marketing touchĂ© and go 6200 price level more time which is notice a strong support level for all crypto trader and all traders believe that it is a huge strong level and bottomed if this price will Brock then btc will touch 4000$ dump which may be to provide great opportunity to buy more for the trader. 

Trader vs holders

All holders want to pump them but all trader want to huge for any movement like to dump for the best buying opportunity or huge bull run for sell opportunity but market movement provide information that it is preparing to fully ready to push and up to moon or if it is down it the support is 4000$ is final guest by the most of people and trader.

Check bitcoin local USD and local price. 

Or price will start moon then it easily touch 7000$ then 8000$ then 12k$ also and it was believe that final up may will grow 28k$ to 30k$ for next bull run in bitcoin market. 

Bitcoin hacking effect in market Price

There is another reason that bitcoin price sideways and confused where it will grow actually it was a hard shocking news in 2017 that mt gox site hacked and hacker take million of bitcoin form that site so more bitcoin are shorted in that years so may be price easily pump or trader also analysis that hacker start to sell bitcoin which they hack and it also effect and down the crypto market also. 

Altcoin vs bitcoin trading effect

There are a huge effect in crypto market price up and down reason where are million of trader related with this marketing and where trader love crypto to buy lowest price and want to sell with good price and waiting for lowest price again and this is the huge effect in crypto marketing when any altcoin going to pumped the 90% professional seller sell that to take bitcoin then btc will start grow but when btc start grow then they will leave their btc again to buy altcoin then alto also go high that time where this time bitcoin allow long or going to long time a sideways rang price

Fomo and fud news for market price

This is another great notice that fomo and fund also effect marketing price so when fomo start more trader don’t sell their crypto with good rate also they things more fomo will grow the price more and some time it will actually true or some time this discussion going to bad for the trader which also effect for market price but most news is 99% chance to true for the real news site and it will perfectly effect in market.


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