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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Breaking Cryptocurrency news Pittsburghpa PNC bank become partnership with Ripple XRP

We regularly write about crypto coins, of which Bitcoin is of course the best known. While Bitcoin keeps on climbing, you would almost forget that there are also other digital coins. Coins that are still dirt-cheap, and may be still match the explosive growth of Bitcoin another news is Ripple XRP and PNC Bank partnership in Pittsburgh PA. .
Are you on time?

In this series we visit promising altcoins, to check which your investment is worth.

Not yet familiar with the ins and outs of cryptocoins? 

First check this article.
This week we are talking about Ripple, also known as XRP. This particular currency differs strongly from popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and Ethereum, but nevertheless has a promising future and a strong base. We list ten things you need to know about Ripple Crypto coin XRP and PNC Bank in Pittsburghpa.

1. Ripple is not just a currency

Ripple is not only a cryptocoin, but also a payment protocol. It is a currency network that is officially known as the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP). The system is built on an open source and distributed basis. The corresponding currency is called XRP, also known as Ripples, which you can also buy. The overarching system aims to carry out transactions safely, instantaneously and almost free worldwide, without chargebacks.

2. Ripple is specifically designed for payment providers

Many altcoins have been made to compete with the Bitcoin, and therefore do not have a specific purpose. Ripple takes a different route, and is specifically designed for financial institutions and payment providers. Bitcoins are meant to store value and carry out general transactions. XRP, on the other hand, offers an overarching platform.

3. Ripple XRP and PNC Bank Pittsburghapa

You read it everywhere: Bitcoin is going to replace the dollar and the euro. That may be the case, but it is a drastic change that is being hoped for. Ripple, on the other hand, must function as a bridge between government-backed classical currencies that you and I now have in our wallets. This way, value can be transferred quickly and safely across borders.

4. Perform international transactions at lightning speed

This brings us to the next important detail: Ripple can perform international transactions at lightning speed. In general, that still takes three to four days, on average. This has to be done through a bank, which again demands huge amounts. Companies sometimes still solve this by opening accounts in the countries where they often carry out transactions. Ripple solves all these problems with an international processing time of just four seconds.

5. Ripple can scale up faster than Bitcoin

Ripple therefore focuses on large agencies and companies. That is why the cryptocoin is also designed to process as many transactions as Visa. Then we are talking about 2000 transactions per second, on average. That is a lot more than Bitcoin, which can process up to seven per second. As a result, it sometimes takes up to two hours before your transaction is approved. Ripple is thus in theory a lot more suitable to meet the needs of companies and consumers.

6. Ripple is very safe

Again, Ripple has been developed for large financial institutions. That is why the focus during the development of the cryptocoin is also on safety. The LEDger on which the XRP transactions are processed is completely open-source and is supported by trusted validators. A team of full-time developers is actively working to keep it that way. It is of the utmost importance for the team behind Ripple that large parties can trust the system. If they do not, then the end is story.

7. Ripple can not be mined

Bitcoin, Ethereum and most other cryptocurrencies can be mined. By having complex calculations done by your computer you can get coins with it. Ripple tackles it differently. Each individual coin that exists has already been created by Ripple himself. The vast majority of this is in the possession of Ripple himself (55 billion). That makes XRP more sustainable, because no computer power and electricity is needed to make new coins. The balance is also stronger.

8. Many banks already support Ripple

Ripple is not only promising on paper. The striking digital currency is supported by more and more banks and payment providers. Ripple has already been extensively testing a large list of banks: UniCredit, UBS, Santander, National Australia Bank and Shanghai Huarui Bank and so on. So there is already a strong basis for international success. The question is only when the value of the XRP will really increase. Think of it as a running race where everybody is in the starting blocks.

9. Ripple goes well

XRP may not grow as fast as Bitcoin, but make no mistake: Ripple has had a strong half year. More and more scholarships support the digital currency. Still, growth is lagging behind for the time being, which in your case is an advantage. You can now get a lot of XRP with little money. Even if Ripple is ultimately 'only' one tenth of Bitcoin worth, you're still quite fried. This allows you to take a safer risk, because even a small amount can generate a lot.

It is up to you whether you want to invest in Ripple. We advise you to dive into the charts and check the manifesto of the developers. That way you know exactly what the story behind Ripple is. Not only do you fall for the hype, but you really support an innovative story that you yourself believe in. Want to read more about cryptocurrencies? Here we explain the basics. Also check how you can safely store your coins, before they are stolen!


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