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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Pittsburgh pa beautiful engineering structure with business

Introduced With top beautiful structure city example

Industry reacts to increasing fire protection best and beautiful structure requirements. New material combines vibration isolation and fire protection. Manufacturer promises versatile application and constant availability

Requirements Pittsburghpa for sustainability increase

Increasingly vibration-stressed building plots demand ever better materials for vibration isolation. Photo: Peter Bebermeier / Pixelio More and more buildings are now due to the increasing

urbanization on vibrational land. Sources of interference are usually nearby railway lines, roads or adjacent industrial nice structure and facilities. Vibration protection also plays an important role in mechanical engineering or in specialized areas, such as shipbuilding or rail vehicle construction.




Vibration and fire protection in combination

Due to these market requirements, Getzner has developed a range of fire-retardant materials for a variety of applications in order to protect people, structures and structures from vibrations as well as from fire.
The result is the new material Sylomer FR. "It effectively isolates unwanted vibrations and shocks, and thanks to its fire-retardant properties, it can also be used in fire-prone areas," explains Augustin.
The introduction of Sylomer FR makes it possible to combine effective and reliable vibration protection with sustainable, long-lasting fire protection, says Thomas Gamsjäger, Product Manager at Getzner.

 Available for all applications at any time

According to the manufacturer, Sylomer FR serves the elastic storage of buildings and other structures or comes in conjunction with fire protection boards, in wall and floor structures, in vehicle interiors (buses, cars), in shipbuilding, in wagon floors, in transport (cable cars and lifts) and for machine storage under sensitive fire protection requirements. The material has an excellent fire behavior and meets several international fire safety standards. When producing Sylomer FR, halogenated flame retardants and toxic substances are not used. An international sales partner network guarantees worldwide availability.

With three major tunnel projects, the pittsburghpa capital wants to make the traffic of the Mittlerer Ring - invisible from above - invisible. In addition to the Petueltunnel and the Richard Strauss Tunnel, the tube below the Luise and the Heckenstallerstraße belongs to the Mammutumbau. The latter was officially opened in July after six years of construction and finally opened for traffic. Costs amounting to 398.5 million euros were estimated in advance for the 2.8 kilometer-long structure. According to construction supervision, these could be adhered to as well as the deadlines for completion.


241,000 cubic meters of concrete and 31,000 tons of reinforcing steel were installed three times as much steel as for the construction of the Parisian Eiffel Tower. Every day, up to eight engineers were entrusted with the construction supervision Mittlerer Ring Südwest. 

Highway A95 connected to tunnel

The structure consists of two individual tunnels. One is the 1.5 kilometer long tunnel under the Luise-Kiesselbach-Platz and the Garmischer Straße. This includes two 600-meter-long side tunnels from and to the A95 autobahn. The other is the 620-meter Heckenstallertunnel. Both tunnels are separated by a 400 m long cut. 

Challenging traffic management during the construction phase

The tunnel was mostly created in a cover construction. For this purpose, a total of 10,091 piles with a total length of 110 kilometers were drilled into the ground. Subsequently, the tunnel ceiling was concreted in three sections in order to be able to pass the traffic at the construction site. The complex traffic routes were monitored in all phases by a joint venture of engineers from the Munich offices Obermeyer and Vössing.

In 2014, the shell construction work was largely completed. Since the end of 2013, sections of road construction and technical interior work had already begun. In addition to ventilation and lighting systems, 210 video cameras were installed to monitor the events in the tunnel. They are coordinated by the traffic control center.

Since April 2015, tunnel tests have been running. For example, fire tests were conducted to test the sophisticated fire detection technology. In an emergency, people who are currently in the tunnel should be able to escape through doors in the middle wall into the other tube or over a total of 15 emergency exits that lead to the surface via stairs.

In addition, there are four operating stations in the tunnel structure. Among other things, they serve the emergency power supply. With the help of four diesel generators, the tunnel can be kept "alive" around the clock. 

Park above the tunnel

After the traffic approximately 120,000 vehicles a day has largely disappeared underground, work on the surface will continue until mid 2017. There, among other things, a newly designed park, the Heckenstallerpark with approximately 28,000 square meters, 450 trees and many games for children and adolescents will find space. Only one or the other emergency exit will prove that you are above one of the largest tunnels in Munich.


is a global company operating in the building, transportation, energy and environmental sectors. Planning and consulting services, project management as well as object monitoring and support are provided in almost all departments of the construction industry. The company was founded in 1958. Today, the group employs more than 1,200 people worldwide.

The engineering office

was founded in 1980 and is one of the leading consulting companies in the field of construction and transport in Germany. As part of the Vössing Group, the company today has access to an expert team of nearly 650 employees worldwide. The spectrum of work areas includes engineering services for traffic planning, railway construction, underground and suburban railway construction, road construction, airport and harbor construction, urban planning, civil engineering and water management.




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