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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Brazil to Tax Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Investors with regulation

The site brings together in one place, information and access to public services provided by the institution Marcello Casal

Income tax Secretaria

Provides information for the participation of Brazilian companies and entrepreneurs in international trade in services and intangibles

International trade

The services sector is increasingly expanding its share of international trade. The constant expansion of the number of users, the coverage base and the speed of transmission of data over the Internet has a direct impact on the supply and demand of services, as well as in the areas related to Information Technology - a pillar for trade in other services. Globally available information strengthens the recognition of increasingly global brands.

More integrated and sophisticated modes of transportation, whether in physical or virtual environment, break the barrier between buyers and sellers, making the preparation and the attentive look of the service provider for international trade a matter of survival. All these aspects, besides the constant and growing flow of people between the different countries, are pillars that make services increasingly tradable in foreign trade.

Receita Federal do Brasil

Tourism, audiovisual, entertainment, consulting, software, freight and passenger transport services, to name but a few, are marketed alone or in conjunction with the sale of goods and, according to the World Trade Organization, world exports of services (excluding government services) accounted for $ 4.82 trillion, an increase of 5.7% over 2015. In addition, from 2004 to 2013, there was a 160% services.

Participation of companies and entrepreneurs Brazilians 

The Basic Guide for Exporting Services, prepared by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade - SCS / MDIC, is one of these tools and aims to provide essential information, in a synthetic way, for the participation of companies and entrepreneurs Brazilians in international trade in services and intangibles, as well as stimulating the intensification of the use of existing public instruments to stimulate exports of services and intangibles.

The Internal Revenue Service has launched a new Citizen Services page. The site gathers information and access to the public services provided by the institution in a single place.

In the new service environment of the Internal Revenue Service, there are guidelines and services related to individuals and legal entities, informational videos, important notices, access to the virtual environment (e-CAC), as well as several other features aimed at facilitating citizen interaction with Revenue.

According to the agency, the goal is to provide "greater agility and comfort to the user seeking services and information, thus seeking to improve the country's business environment.

Application is also intended for other foreign trade players, such as customs agents and cargo agents

Revenue investigates millionaire fraud in luxury cars and boats
Operation in São Paulo arrests corrupt businesspeople and agents

Brazil presents an expressive result in exports

It is available from Friday on the website of the Federal Revenue, mobile application called "Importer", which brings various services related to the import process. The IRS app, which can be downloaded and installed for free, has versions available in the Apple Store and Google Play (IOS and Android).

Through the application, users can perform load queries and the Import Statement returning their current status and change history. It will also be possible to:

Accompany a certain load and / or DI, to know the changes in its status in real time

Consult the Mercosur Commercial Nomenclature (NCM) by code or description to know the applicable rates and administrative treatment, if applicable;

Simulate imports, obtaining the values of taxes and administrative treatment for each case;

Through this innovation, importers will be able to track their loads and Imports with agility, safety and mobility, from any mobile devices connected to the network, without the need for system enablement, use of digital certification or hiring dedicated networks, providing substantial reduction of deadlines and operating costs.

As part of the strategy of mobility and transparency in its processes, and in favor of agility and reduction of costs related to customs procedures, the purpose of the Revenue is to encourage and allow the importer, even if using have greater visibility regarding the status and progress of their import processes, and provide greater predictability regarding the release of their cargoes.

The application is also intended for other foreign trade players such as customs agents, freight agents, or any other interested parties, since the services offered are public and do not require registration or password for their use.

In addition to providing a timely query to the progress of the linked cargo

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