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News broadcast about finance business real estate loan insurance and forex trading crypto markets

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

FOREX, Investor Relation stock, Analysis trade

Trading the news

There are roughly two types of forex traders: those who invest in the foreign exchange market from fundamental analysis and those who invest from technical analysis. This strategy section of Forex Coach is entirely devoted to fundamental analysis: making investment decisions based on developments in the economy and politics.

Are you more of a technical forex investor?

Take a look at our strategy page on technical analysis.
The basis of forex news trading has already been explained in the 'Fundamental analysis' lesson of our forex course. If you have not followed this yet, we advise you to do this first. Here you will find the overview page of the free course.

To successfully invest in forex on the basis of fundamental analysis, it is important that you get to know the influence of economic, political and financial developments. Because not all forex news has the same effect on the foreign exchange markets. For example, the Euro sometimes reacts differently than the Dollar on, for example, employment or inflation rates. After having acted on certain news items in a certain currency several times, you will develop a sense of how the market behaves for that currency. And so you learn to invest more profitably in forex.
Trade in forex without commissions and with tight spreads Economic calendar

You are not alone in this. Forex Coach is there to help you better understand the various financial news, economic news and political news. This forex strategy section contains articles that discuss how you can invest with news trading strategies. Each article deals with a certain type of news fact and the effect on the foreign exchange market.

For the forex trader who bases his decisions on fundamental analysis, the economic calendar is an indispensable tool. On the economic calendar you will see which important forex news announcements will be made in the coming period. You use your developed knowledge of fundamental analysis to argue what the effect will be of the news and to take advantage of this in your own forex news trading.

Invest yourself with fundamental analysis

Do you want to try the fundamental analysis techniques yourself in practice?

Then free and risk free with the well-organized forex software from Plus500. You will immediately have access to a demo account with 50,000 euros starting capital. If you are doing the right thing, you can easily switch to a real money account.

If you are a forex investor who mainly relies on fundamental analysis (that is, you use the economic and political news to predict the developments on the currency market) then it is important to keep well informed about the news . On this page you will find a continuous update of the important forex news-important forex news that can affect exchange rates.

The news items have been specially selected for relevance for forex traders. They come from reputable news websites with investment news, financial news, economic news and specific forex news. Keep an eye on this page for new opportunities to take profitable forex positions, or for warnings that you can better close existing positions.

Trading crypto

One of the advantages that crypto traders see in the Verge is that Verge transactions are virtually impossible to track unlike Bitcoin transactions so that users can actually make anonymous transactions via Verge.

This is achieved by using advanced blockchain technology, built on top of anonymous services such as Tor and I2P, with which IP addresses and geolocations are protected.

The transaction rate of Verge is also much higher than that of bitcoin. For example, a transaction via bitcoin takes somewhere between 10 minutes and a few hours to be verified, while Verge often handles a transaction within a few seconds via the Simple Payment Verification.



There has been a lot of upward speculation in the Verge in recent weeks, after the developers behind Verge announced that there was big news in the pipeline and that Verge would come up with one of the largest cryptocurrency partnerships to date.

The Trade

The Verge is currently quoting around $ 6.5 cents, after Tuesday was still shortly above 11 cents.
We see possibilities with an entry around 6 cents, where we put our stop / loss below 5 cents.

The first price target is 7 cents, second 9 cents. A possible third price target is set at 11 cents, or the peak of Tuesday.
It should also be clear that trading in cryptocurrencies is very speculative and not suitable for the trader who seeks as little risk as possible.

cryptocurrency scholarshipsThe best cryptocurrency scholarships and what to look out for Due to the high volatility, it is always advisable to split up positions in cryptocurrencies and take out 1/3 or 2/3 with a relatively modest profit (first price target), and then hold 1/3 for a longer period. and a higher price target. In this way we increase the chance of winning while still being able to continue with a part of the position on a possible big hit.

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