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Monday, April 2, 2018

News of Institute for Supply Management‬, ‪Manufacturing‬, ‪Purchasing Managers' Index‬‬


Manufacturing Institute management with purchasing supply

The modern food factory must meet many requirements. Consumers and retailers ask for tasty, healthy and safe products at acceptable costs. This requires a hygienically designed factory that produces sustainably, efficiently uses raw materials and lasts a long time. During the second edition of the Food Technology Event, speakers from companies such as Cargill or Johma will discuss these topics. VMT, the Pavo foundation and the trade associations, DMFI and Metaalunie have put together a varied program. 

In the morning session, Sebastiaan Schreijen, industry analyst Food & Agri Research, talks to Rabobank about the opportunities and threats in the food market. He keeps track of what these opportunities threats mean for machine manufacturers and their buyers of food manufacturers.

Planning Institute maintenance

Another plenary speaker is maintenance manager Peter Schokker from vegetable processing company Vezet. He explains how flexible he should be with his technical service to plan maintenance.

What consumers will eat is largely predictable, but sometimes deviates significantly from the prediction. The demand from the market has become ever greater, as a result of which the machines have received a higher capacity utilization. And then it becomes more difficult to schedule stops, because they are always inconvenient. That is why a changeover is made in the maintenance and for the preventive work more and more shorter stops are used. For Schokker a challenge to get better control over the unplanned downtime.

Supply Management Expand when sales continue

The third speaker in the morning is operations director Henny van Gennip of Hessing Supervers. He is regularly confronted with the renewal or expansion of a plant in connection with aging, aggregation or expansion of the activities. 

How do you handle that?

What is the design? What should we meet?

What about external regulations?

How to organize the implementation?

With which parties?

In fact, who helps me in this process? What has changed in recent years? Van Gennip has initiated various projects during the past decades with these questions. He shares some memories and lessons with those present.

Manufacturing, ‪Purchasing and Design maintain

In the afternoon three parallel sessions will take place with the themes design, maintenance and more efficient production. Participants can work in the Maintenance session with their own maintenance plan in the Fiesta workshop. The Design session addresses the challenges that impede the good design of a production process. The Efficient Producing session deals with topics such as: big data for better maintenance and shortening the training time of operators through a training program.

The average daily production of the Dutch industry was 7.1% higher in January than in January 2017, Statistics Netherlands announces. This is the biggest increase after February 2011. Production in the machine industry is growing the fastest.

The machine industry produced almost 13% more in January than in January 2017. The production of the chemical and rubber and plastics industries also grew stronger than average. Industrial production has been growing for more than two years.

High level production

In order to determine the short-term development of production, it is best to look at figures corrected for seasonal and working day effects. From December 2017 on January 2018 production fell by 0.4%. Nevertheless, production has been around the highest level ever in recent months.

The production adjusted for seasonal and working day effects fluctuates considerably. Declines and increases follow each other quickly. Since mid-2014 there has been a rising trend of industrial production.

Again record producer confidence

Producer confidence went from 10.3 in January to 10.9 in February 2018. Never before were industrial entrepreneurs so optimistic. The previous record was broken in January.

Falling confidence in Germany

Germany is an important market for Dutch industry. The confidence of the German producers fell in February. In January, the highest level ever in November 2017 was matched. The average daily production of German industry in January was over 6 percent higher than a year earlier.

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