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Monday, April 2, 2018

Airplane insurance aircraft and renters cost

General aviation

Available offers insurance solutions for air frame and civil liability for Commercial General Aviation, Corporate General Aviation and Light General Aviation.

Commercial General Aviation are all aircraft that carry 20 to 60 passengers and are usually used for regional commercial air transport. Corporate General Aviation refers to devices that contain a maximum of 19 passengers and are used for business or commercial purposes. Helicopters that are not used for private use only fall below.

Light General Aviation usually refers to aircraft that carry a maximum of 8 to 9 passengers and which are usually used in sport flying.


Concretely, Aviabel covers among other things the following types of aircraft:

    Plane with piston engine
    Plane with two or more piston engines
    Plane with turbine engine
    Plane with multi turbine engines
    Airplane with jet engine
    Helicopter with piston engine
    Helicopter with turbine engine
    Air balloons


 Available offers the following coverage:

    General civil liability
    Aviation General Liability
    Personal accidents for the crew and the passengers.

What do Combined Single Limits or Liabilit or smooth limit mean?

Most aviation liability insurance policies contain sublimits. A combined single limit  also known as 'smooth limit', only indicates the total coverage limit, with no sublimits applicable.

What amounts do I have to insure regarding liability?

This is different for everyone. The correct insured limits are determined on the basis of your assets other liability insurances you have taken out of your passengers which the use of the device or sometimes the legislation.

Attention, not only the insured amounts are important. The fact that the insurer deals with a claim quickly and correctly also has added value.

How can you see the differences between aviation insurances?

The minimum coverage are legally established. Because the government does not strictly regulate aviation insurance the coverage between the policies differ considerably. Therefore always read carefully the conditions of the insurance. Check what is insured and what is not. Every aircraft owner has different expectations and needs: the cheapest policy sometimes just offers less good coverage.

Why is a General Legal Liability insurance useful?

The Aircraft Policy ensures damage caused to third parties or the device while the aircraft is being used. However, you can also be held liable for damage to third parties that is not due to the use of your device.

What does Aviation General Liability Insurance mean?

This is a cover for Fixed Based Operators and airport operators. It contains important hedges, such as liability for buildings, hangar permit, product liability and completed operations liability, on premises car liability, personal injury and advertising liability, and even host-liquor liability.

Insurance (Vehicles)

A liability insurance covers damage to others. This insurance is required by law hence the abbreviation 'WA' Legal Liability' Imagine that you are causing a car accident, where the vehicle of the other driver is declared total loss. The other party, because of the accident, is in hospital and has to undergo surgery. For these types of cases, it is nice to have insurance taken out.

What does the third party insurance cover?

A standard liability insurance does not provide cover for damage to your own car. If damage has been caused to your car, you will be reimbursed via the liability insurance of the guilty party.

Limited cover insurance or all risk car insurance already offers more coverage. With a limited case coverage, damage to your own car is also covered. Consider, for example, damage caused by fire, theft, window breakage, storm or collision with an animal. With an all risk car insurance you are insured for the most damage to the car.
Is a third party liability insurance mandatory?

Liability insurance is mandatory

A liability insurance is mandatory because it covers the damage to another person's car. All motorists are insured against each other's damage in this way. Witl you take out a liability insurance? Then use our comparator to find the best offer.
Third party liability insurance for motor vehicles

A third party liability insurance for Motor Vehicles or about car insurance is already compulsory as soon as the vehicle is on the road, participating in traffic or if the registration certificate has been issued for the motor vehicle. Without WAM, drivers of vehicles can face nasty surprises. For example, in case of permanent disability of a third party. The driver would then have to pay the damage for a lifetime.

By taking out insurance you can avoid this kind of unpleasant surprises. Motor insurance only covers damage to people and property. Formally, the insurance is only an insurance policy for the motor vehicle, not for the responsible user. However, the insurance also covers the damage to a replacement motor vehicle if this is caused by the liable user.

Third party liability insurance for vessels

Most forms of water sports seem very innocent, but there is a great risk of damage. Dutch waters are getting busier. This increases the risk of damage. The consequences of an accident on the water are often limited to material damage, but more than once there is also personal injury. The financial consequences are often not to be borne by a private individual. A boat insurance is not mandatory but wise.

The liability insurance for private individuals only has limited cover for recreational craft. The insurance does provide full coverage for the use of canoes, rowing boats, sailboards and surfboards. There is an exception for model boats and sailboats with an engine. Damage to your own boat is never covered under the AVP. Personal injury and damage to the business of others are covered here.

Insurance for aircraft

The probability that you own a plane is small, but also for a model plane that a liability insurance must be taken out. Whoever flies by plane must be able to show a certificate. This certificate can be obtained from the aviation police.

The third party liability insurance only covers damage to other persons and matters of others. A casco insurance also covers damage to your own device. This insurance is not mandatory, but advisable, because of the value of an aircraft.


There is no separate insurance for trailers. As soon as the trailer is coupled, it is automatically covered by the insurance of the towing vehicle. If the trailer is not connected, it falls under personal liability insurance. In other countries it may be necessary to mention the trailer on the green card. We advise you to check this in advance.

If you want to insure the trailer extra, you can do this by means of additional insurance. The trailer is therefore insured against damage and theft. The insurer can then set additional requirements for storage and anti-theft security. Such insurance is especially interesting for owners of a boat trailer, car transporter or sales car. The locks and wheel clamps must probably have a certificate.

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