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How to become real Estate Agent with real Estate license information

Real Estate Worldwide information and developer Low for a realtor.


The kind of real estate property where the land, structures on the land, the natural resources it contains, such as crops, minerals, water, and other natural resources, and inadequate transportation will be attached. In simple terms all the tangible fixed assets owned by the real estate.

Resources such buying, selling, renting real estate business as a career for any people.
The third person to fulfill the basic needs of housing demand in the housing sector is going to work. At present, our country has been working in various real estate companies across the country including the capital. However, there is still a lack of skilled human resources for this sector in your nation.

Too many opportunities for higher education and training in this regard was made. Therefore, the demand for trained workforce than not. Specialized degree in this regard so as to be able to have the opportunity to build a good career in this sector. Daffodil International University has been working on the goal. Here is a chance to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in real estate matters.

008 Daffodil International University housing department of the education system under the four-year undergraduate degree of Bachelor of real property launches. Bachelor of Education program in Bangladesh for the first time real estate issues like the inclusion of a new Chairman of the Board of Trustees in the context of Daffodil International University. Sabur Khan said, "the people of the country to ensure safe housing and shelter crisis in this department started with a vow thematic workforce supply.

A house or a flat in the heart of the city. Who does not dream of this? Once in a lifetime savings or flats in search of a home was down others. Real estate business for best career.
The value of the land is much higher than other countries in the world. The land is the ability it gives back to the house. 

Real estate company who was approached, embarrassed to be a victim or harass them. This has been made to get rid of real estate development with realtor law. This real estate development and management law, known as 010. 010 The law was enacted on October 5.

Article 5 of the Act by the principles of real estate development, construction of flats for the management of real estate business, the government will accept registration from the appropriate authorities. 5 (ii) of sub-section (1) has been mentioned in the actual estate business in the country, but the government must approve it. Article 5 section 4 (a) has been called on, for five years, the government will issue the registration certificate. Registration must be renewed after five years.

Section 6 of the law of the land development and management of real estate development companies (developers) have been mentioned concerns. 6 (1) Clause prospectus prepared by the developers of housing registration organization, approved by the competent authorities of the names and addresses of the approval number and date to be monumental.

 Real Estate information:

Person "means a company, association or group of individuals, whether or not statutory, includes;

(11) "Building Services" means the air traffic light, electrical connections, air conditioning, heating (heating), internal sound (acoustics) control, elevator, garage and moving walks, water supply, fire, water, sewerage and drainage, gas supply and telephone connection and insert the other facilities;

(1) "Real estate (property)" means the development, management, and purchase for residential or institutional or commercial plots or apartments or flats, institutional or mixed floor space of the real estate property;

(13) "Real estate development and management" means the private sector or public-private joint venture or foreign-funded real estate plots or apartments or flats, or industrial or commercial plots or flats, or institutional or combined floor space of the actual estate development buy, sell control, allocation, construction and maintenance;

(14) "Real estate development projects or projects" by means developers

(I) non-residential or institutional, or commercial or industrial development and the distribution of plots; And

(Ii) real estate, construction, purchase, sale, assignment, etc. adopted for the project or projects; And

(15) "real estate developer or developer" means the real estate business for the purpose of any person registered under section 5 of this Act. 


 (1) Real estate development and management of the public managed by the provisions of this Act shall not apply.
The second section
The establishment, registration of real estate developer, responsibility, etc.
Creation of authority
4. (1) The Government may, for this Act and shall establish one or more authorities for this purpose in the official Gazette of the Government or statutory authority or independent institutions mentioned in the notification area may be declared.

(Ii) In particular, and in sub-section (1) without prejudice.

(A) In the absence of the Urban Development Authority and the Urban Development Authority, the City Corporation, for its local jurisdiction;

(B) the municipality, in the local jurisdiction;

(C) the Cantonment Board, for its local  And

(D) Urban Development Authority, municipalities and non-Cantonment Board for the National Housing Authority

Under the authority of this Act shall be deemed to be.
   Real estate developer registration

 5. (1) in agreement with the provisions of this Act, the real estate business in a particular area real estate developer to manage each registration shall be obtained from the relevant authorities.

(Ii) sub-section (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in the whole country to conduct real estate business, real estate developers such registration shall be obtained from the Government.

(3) Every real estate developer copy of the following documents for enrolment in the form prescribed by the rules of the Government or, where applicable, shall make an application to the authorities, namely: -

(A) the trade license;

(B) Tax Identification Number (TIN) certificate;
(C) Value Added Tax (VAT) registration number;
(D) (i) project formulation and implementation experience (if any);
(Ii) proof of the technical qualifications of persons (architects, engineers, and planners educational certificates and a letter to a member of the relevant professional organizations, certification);

(E) if the company, its Memorandum of Association (Memorandum of Association) and the Articles of Association (Articles of Association), including the Certificate of Incorporation (Certificate of Incorporation);
(F) Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB) or a copy of the registration office of a member of the Association of Land Developers, if any.

(4) sub-section (3) Upon receipt of an application under the Government or, where applicable, the findings of 60 (sixty) days before this scrutiny is satisfied that-

(A) The applicant for real estate development projects able to meet the conditions specified in, such period shall grant the application and shall inform the applicant in writing Or

(B) the applicant is unable to meet the conditions, then the reason may reject the application and shall notify the applicant in writing.

(6) a list of registered developers and conservation authorities shall publish in the prescribed manner.

(7) in the prescribed manner the developer's registration renewal, cancellation, and correction may be.

 Developer responsibilities

 (1) The prospectus prepared under this Act required the developer of the real estate registration number of the names, addresses and approved by the appropriate authorities molding approval number shall be mentioned in the memorandum number and date.

(Ii) a developer of real estate development projects supported by the administration and developers the ability to edit documents or transfer rights in a land before the holiday, media publicity for the project shall be notified.

(3) approval of the plans to the buyer before the sale of any real estate developer may or may not be contracted for sale.

(4) Every developer customers and the approval of the Authority shall include the relevant documents relating to land ownership.

(5) other than authorized design partner architectural design, structural cylindrical (structural design) Building Services Design and other materials shall be countersigned by the developer.

(6) private or public-private joint venture project of residential plots of land under the ownership of private residential units in the field of land development and rehabilitation of victims Rules 004, subject to the necessary amendments, shall be followed.

(7) the appropriate authority, every developer from the development of non-residential Rules 004, subject to the necessary modifications, and in agreement with the applicable building regulations regarding the approval of the molding of real estate, real estate development, project development, amendment, or renewal shall be's reauthorization.

(8) Real estate development projects in the private residential units land, according to the 004 national facilities, as far as possible, to be sure.

(9) Every real estate developer in agreement with the relevant laws, rules, and regulations shall be implemented so that the project  So any infrastructure or a plot or flat roads, electrical connections, water supply, sewerage and drainage, gas supply and telephone connections and the other benefit is not any damage.
The owner of the land by the real estate construction
(1) A developer purchased the property and the owner of the land, the land was intended for sale in the real estate, construction, and all the rules of this Act shall apply to him.

(Ii) certain persons either individually or jointly with any person or company has not been any real estate developer in his or their land for the purpose of buying and selling real estate, construction, and, in his or their case, so far as applicable, the provisions of this Act shall apply.
The third section
Real estate purchase, sale, registration, transfer, etc.
Terms of buying and selling real estate
8. (1) The prospectus or the sale of land proper explanation or analysis shall be specified.

(Ii) sale and purchase of real estate development and condition of the details shall be indicated in the agreement between the parties.

(3) the purchaser with the consent of the developer may change the allocated specific plots or flats.

(4) the conditions specified in the agreement from the buyer developers may take out extra money nope

Provided that, if any party to the proposed introduction of a high-quality equipment, and supplementary agreements shall be agreed upon between the effect of this provision does not take effect.
 A deed of transfer and registration
9. (1) Real estate developer after payment of all expenses not exceeding 3 (three) months after the transfer of possession of the buyer of real estate, a deed shall be completed and registration functions.

(Ii) the volume of handing over possession of land worth more or less of a person
Purchase price (rate) of 3 (three) months shall be adjusted.
 Chapter Four
Contracts, etc.
Agreement between land owners and developers
10. (1) the landlord, real estate development
In particular the ability of magistrates to impose fine
34. Notwithstanding anything contained in the Code of Criminal Procedure, the First Class Magistrate or Metropolitan Magistrate under this Act, a person convicted of the crimes authorized by this Act may impose any penalty.
The distribution of money

35. (1) of this chapter convicted and sentenced under the developer's account from the punishment of an amount of money not exceeding 50% of the money collected, the court or the affected land owners, and the remaining part of the state for the purchase for the order may provide.

(Ii) The Court of sub-section (1) shall not be subject to any order of allocating all the money will be deposited for the State.

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