Why People in Gibsonia Pennsylvania Love where they Live

Why People in Gibsonia Pennsylvania Love where they Live Most people love where they live and Gibsonia Pennsylvania is no exception. Why they care so deeply for their communities is another thing. It is not necessarily that there is a lot of building going on when it comes to new business. It is more of the feeling of welcome they get and the pride they feel in the features they would tell others about when it comes to things to do and see. The aspects that make people feel as if they belong to the neighborhood in Gibsonia Pennsylvania in which they live are the reasons people love living here. The features they can show off to visitors and the beauty that surround their community are the things that make those living in Gibsonia Pennsylvania happy that they live here. A recent survey, “The Soul of the Community” studied 26 communities and took surveys from those who lived in the communities. The Gallup and Knight Foundation found that welcoming surroundings, places that are fun for people to get together and open, green space is important.
In addition to Gibsonia Pennsylvania, some of the communities that were studied were Biloxi, MS, Columbus, GA, Fort Wayne, IN, Philadelphia, PA, Myrtle Beach, SC and Miami, FL among others. The areas of the country where people were more connected to their communities were ones where they were content with their jobs. The least attached to a community were new residents, as is expected. Those areas of the country with the highest percentages of people who felt very impassioned about their chosen home were Aberdeen, S.D., Long Beach, CA, State College, PA, Grand Forks, N.D. and Bradenton, FL.

The lowest percentages were in Wichita, KS, Akron, OH, Macon, GA, Detroit, MI and Gary, IN. The report is also beneficial for community leaders who want to know what people are looking for in the communities in which they live. What are they seeking when it comes to the most desirable neighborhoods? What makes Gibsonia Pennsylvania home to the many residents that live here? The recession has taken its toll; however, there are many issues that determine how people feel about their neighborhoods. The positive feelings they have about their community leads to better job performance and this in turn is most beneficial for the community.


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